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icon04/01/2011 - CONGRATS LYNDSEY!!!!

Congratulations to Lyndsey Murphy for making the 49ers Gold Rush Cheer team :) All your hard work and dedication has paid off. We are sooo proud of you and we love having you apart of the Legends Family!!

icon03/10/2011 - New Tumbling Skills

  • Parisa, at age five, has already accomplished a round off back handspring. Congratulations Parisa! Keep up the hard work.
  • Miley has been working extremely hard to achieve her round off back tuck. She has recently achieved that goal and is now performing the new skill for the March 19th competition. Way to go Miley!
  • Luann has been working hard on her tumbling skills, trying to improve and strengthen her standing tumbling and pass tumbling. Recently, Luann has achieved a higher pass in the routine which is a round off back tuck.
  • Hannah recently performed her front punch on the floor, which is amazing for her age. Her tumbling is excelling and she is working everyday to get new tricks.
  • Jasmine has demonstrated improvement in her tumbling skills recently. She can now do a round off back handspring tuck. Great Job Jasmine!




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